Field Trips

Waterloo Village

Waterloo Village enacts early American life in the New Jersey area including the use of the Morris Canal that runs through the village and fun long lost crafts (gunsmith, weaving, broom making, etc.).  It contains a life-size Lenape Village on Winakung Island in Waterloo Lake is a faithful reproduction, including long houses, huts, women's quarters, burial grounds, carvings, and artifacts. The island brings to life the culture of the New Jersey Indian at the turn of the 17th century.  Group trips can be arranged by calling.

Museum of Indian Culture

Museum provides programs that are conducted by Native Lenape descendants. Group trips can be arranged through the museums website or by calling.

Lenape Traveling Museum Show

Traveling Museum Show comes to the school (no need for buses or permission slips!) Includes history, hands-on artifacts, music, dance, games, storytelling, toolmaking demonstrations, and much more.  For information call Kevin "Two-Steps" at 908-996-2623        

New Jersey State Museum

Located in Trenton, NJ, the New Jersey State Museum covers all aspects of New Jersey history. The different sections of the museum are Archeology and Ethnology, Cultural History, Fine Art, and Natural History. There is also a planetarium located here. The artifacts from the Native Americans are located in the Archeology and Ethnology section and the collection is particularly rich in examples of Native American textiles, bead, and hide work. Also, during the school day at 11 a.m., there is a presentation at the museum called The Rock-Knockin' Native Americans by Bill B. and Young Audiences New Jersey. Through song and guided activities, Billy B. shows how Native Americans used their ingenuity to build wigwams out of plants, make tools from flint and trap wildlife for food.  The audience joins in by mimicking animal sounds and practicing tracking movements.